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Personalized for each client

Our consulting services are personalized for each individual client, based on an in-depth analysis of your needs.

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Systems Architecture

Solutions scaled to create harmony.

Cloud? Or no Cloud? VoIP? How do you make these decisions? Organization leaders are busy enough. Rocktown Agency will help you understand the specific technological solutions which will help you grow and succeed! We will eliminate or improve cumbersome technologies which are not serving your organization's goals. Finally, we will harmonize your software and applications with your technological infrastructure to ensure your systems are continuously optimally functioning.

Data drives every decision in your organization. Proper structuring, storage, maintenance, updating, and querying of data, as well as ensuring it is secure and viable is essential to your organization. We will develop a comprehensive data strategy by identifying new data opportunities, and enhancing your organization's success through a simple and usable Database Management System (DBMS). New data solutions will accelerate your operations and keep you ahead of the competition.

Human Resources Development

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Is your business or organization constantly struggling to find and keep the right people? Rocktown Agency has discovered the secret to this dilemma. The solution starts at the top with your organization's mission and corporate responsibility. We will work together to determine exactly who the dream employee is and then we will use a systematic approach to recruit and onboard your new teammates. We will review your compensation and benefits packages to structure competitive benefit offerings which will make everyone happy.

Do you think your business or organization has good customer service? How about GREAT customer service? GREAT customer service begins with etiquette. We will show your team how to treat your clients with respect. The customer is always right, and Rocktown Agency will teach your team how to resolve issues masterfully. We will analyze your administrative systems to develop the most supportive structure for your entire Client Relations Management strategy. Further, we will identify your client segments and design messaging exclusively based on their unique demographic and socio-economic qualities.

Branding & Marketing

Bringing it all together with your Brand.

A comprehensive and customizable package including development of branding, logo, design elements, templates, stationary, promotional campaigns, advertisements, creatives inventory, and management platform for your business or organization. Federal and state trademarking and copyright protections are available. We will work closely to identify your brand and develop your messaging strategy to engage and service your existing and prospective clients. We offer extensive professional solutions including web site design and development, videography, photography, audio engineering, graphic design, and presentations.

Further, The dynamic relationship between your Sales Team and your Technology Team has never been more important to recognize. In a world of endless options, our experience and expertise in Sales Process Engineering will bring your Sales Team to a new level. We will work together to determine what business optimization plan works for your unique needs, and we will eliminate brick walls and silos in your processes. Connecting your Customer Service is the final and most important step in this process. Optimizing client retention and capturing referrals is paramount and our consulting services strategize for ultimate client and customer satisfaction.

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